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Custom team building activities & events for staff

| Empower and Engage Your Employees with team building |

Looking for new team building ideas or perhaps you have a unique office sports day idea that you’d love to try? Worry not, Godinga offers a range of different corporate team building games and events to fit every organization’s need.
All our team building activities are completely adaptable to meet any budget, any time frame, any location, any group size, and suitable for any kind of organization.
Our team building activities provide the perfect platform for workforces to develop stronger relationships with fellow colleagues while reflect and improve wellbeing.
In a nutshell, our extensive team building programs ensure that your employees grow as a team and push them to achieve things they didn’t think possible.
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Fun & high-energy team building activities

We unite your team with our purpose-driven team-building challenges by providing fun and meaningful objectives for employees to achieve together.

Team Building
  • In Office Games

A half or full day of team building fun!
Happier teams are more creative, productive, and successful.
When we play together, positive bonds are created. Fast and exhilarating, in-office games are a great way to build rapport and enhance communication in your organization. Play also raises empathy and awareness of others leading to deeper work relationships.

Participants                Time                         Age Group 

12-unlimited                                               Half or Full Day                                   Suitable for everyone 


There are hundreds of games we can play in the workplace. Designed to break the ice, build bonds, and entertain, games can be played in small or large teams.



We can customize any games to your specific purpose and space. We guarantee our short game activations will ensure everyone is laughing and having fun.



  • Builds better team spirit

  • Raises motivation and morale

  • Enhances employee engagement

  • Improves the quality of communication

  • Contributes to a positive atmosphere

  • Classic Team Building 

A half or full day of team building fun!


Great teamwork is the backbone of any successful organization.
Classic team building breaks down barriers, builds trust, and enhances engagement. It also increases employee collaboration and helps them develop new skills while having a lot of fun. 

Participants                Time                    Age Group 

3 – 200                                                    Half or Full Day                    Suitable for everyone 


Team building exercises and activities are varied; from Tug-of-War and three-legged races to group painting sessions. We customize activities to ensure your organization gets the best motivational tools for your requirements.


Our team will work to ensure your employees gain a greater understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, learn ways of mitigating conflict, and enhance the soft skills required for better teamwork and success. Collaborating to complete tasks efficiently also creates a positive environment and results in a healthy, high-functioning workplace. 


Classic Team Building helps individuals develop the soft skills required to become exceptional teammates.

  • Boosts performance

  • Unlocks hidden potential

  • Enhances company culture

  • Forms bonds and connections

  • Builds bridges across departments

  • The Big Picture 

A half or full day of team building fun!
Increase team cohesion and brand awareness during a fun and engaging activity where colleagues come together to create a colossal painting reflecting company values, a new product or highlight from the previous year.

Participants              Time                     Age Group

12-unlimited                                           Half or Full Day                             Suitable for everyone


Emphasize your organizational values, new product, strategy or highlights through an engaging and collaborative team event, The Colossal Picture is a corporate team building activity for twelve or more colleagues.


Our internal design teams work with you to make Attendees are separated into teams and given one or more canvases to paint, as well as a detailed diagram showing how their canvas(es) should look upon completion. Then, much like a painting class, the team building participants must visit an “Art Shop” to collect the resources they need including paints, trays, brushes and more. Over time, teams become aware that the true purpose of the activity is to practice communication and collaboration, with each canvas containing one part of a greater image. Once participants have finished their paintings, the event reaches its finale when each canvas is slotted together on a frame, creating a single piece of artwork built through cooperation and unity.

The Colossal Picture will then be divided into individual frames which need to be measured, drawn, scaled and painted by each team. Once all the individual frames are hung together, the activity will conclude with “The Colossal Picture” reveal and a team photo.


Whether your organization is small, medium or a global organization, good teamwork, comradery and communication are the foundations for success. The Colossal Picture is a great way of encouraging employees to see how important they are in the bigger picture, no matter how small their individual role is.

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