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School Camping

Looking for a unique school camp that offers outdoor adventure activities for students? Our school camps are a fun, safe, and exciting way for children to spend their time. Our adventure camps offer children plenty of outdoor activities and new experiences that instill wonder and creativity in them. 
At our camps, children enjoy a range of fun and exciting recreational activities while making social interactions and creating lasting memories.


About Us

We have had the privilege to be associated with prestigious schools across the country. With this experience in handling school groups for camping, we understand the specific requirements in every aspect including security and safety of the students with international quality service. We are highly committed to provide meaningful and life changing experiences through outdoor and experiential education methodologies in our educational camps.

About School Camp for Children

Values and Idea behind the School Camp

Develop Self Reliance, independence, Courage, Life-skills, Value Education, Spirit of Adventure in the participants.


Guiding Principles

Outdoors, Adventure camp experiences comprise of challenging experiences, both physical and emotional, which lead to new awareness, sensitivity and understanding in the students. In an outdoor camp, learners set out to explore the unknown as a team and in the process rediscover and re-connect with self and the world around developing Intrapersonal, interpersonal, ekistic and ecosystemic relationships.

School Camping Activities for Children

The following are list of adventure camp activities that create a memorable experience for the students

  • Commando net climbing is designed to test physical strength and help to be one with mind and body, feel proud to share the feeling to train like our brave troops, as challenging as it sounds it tests a child's stamina and also tests the extent of fear to ascending to  heights.     

  • Monkey crawl is an adventure activity that builds strength and stamina and we at camp feel that it is great for children to have such an experience. Imagine yourself hanged by stomach and you need to reach the destination of it by strength of your hands. You will definitely feel like a Military commando while doing this activity.  

  • Horse Riding, a horse-riding session incorporates safety when dealing with horses, grooming, and basic riding instructions within the arena (no trail    rides). This activity seeks to create a safe and fun environment which will increase the confidence of children around horses.























  • Wall Climbing, the aim of this activity is to instruct children in basic climbing and belaying skills and provide an opportunity for them to use these  skills safely in a supervised environment on an outdoor artificial climbing facility. It is an excellent activity for improving confidence and  developing trust, teamwork, accountability and a sense of responsibility. 

  • ​​​Archerythe aim of an archery session is to instruct and supervise children in acquiring the skills of archery in a safe environment. Children will be given multiple opportunities to develop these skills. This assists them in developing spatial awareness and hand-eye co-ordination, as well as being an ideal introduction to this popular leisure activity.

  • Tug of War, it may seem like a game where the strongest wins, but Tug of War is more than a test of strength. Even before the game begins, children have to flex their cognitive skills. For instance, if there is an uneven number of players, should a player sit out? Should one stronger, older player be equal to two weaker, younger players? Letting children problem-solve and negotiate helps build their cognitive skills, and it’s also a good lesson in compromise and learning to work as a team. And once play begins children will use all their muscles to pull the opposing team over the centerline.

  • A Burma Bridge is generally developed sensibly over the ground. It has three ropes set in a triangular manner – a base foot rope (or link) on which you walk and two ropes that fill in as a ‘railing’ held by your hands. This activity encourages balance and coordination, helps overcoming obstacles also tests alertness and sharpness. 













  •  Moon Walk Race, apart from the 'fun' challenge of moon walk, this activity can help encourage communication, cooperation and decision making skills among the children. Two pairs of moon walk game kit, each pair for a team of three people. Leg is put on each pad, rope is held and ready to walk and win.  

Commando Net Climbing
Commando Net Climbing
Commando Net Climbing
Commando Net Climbing
Horse Riding
Horse Riding
Horse Riding
Wall Climbing
Tug of War
Tug of War
Monkey Crawl
Burma Brigde
Burma Bridge
Burma Bridge
Moon Walk Race
Moon Walk Race
wall climbing
wall climbing
mokey crawl
Monkey Crawl
  • Movie Night, a fun setup for outdoor movie night is arranged and by evening all children are gathered together ready to enjoy the night. In between children are being served with snacks to keep them refreshed.

lhs movie night
LHS movie night
LHS movie night
  • DJ Night, children will dance, play games, and sing the night away with our highly interactive, engaging, and fun party dj's.

Lhs Dj Night
LHS Dj night

Camping at Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya 

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